When you become born again your heart is transformed and the Holy Spirit lives within you. Throughout your whole Christian life, you’ll battle between the Holy Spirit convicting your heart and your mind when it is influenced by your flesh. So as a born-again Christian is it important to be aware of what desires are in your heart. You may love Jesus but that doesn’t mean you will escape the traps of the flesh, which are strong enough to change your desires if given a small opportunity to do so.

As your desires shift away from the Lord, you can feel lost, the life Christ wants you to live feels harder and restricted. It’s almost like playing tug of war, the revelation of Christ keeps you from running away but your own desires make Christian life difficult. So, what on earth do you do because you don’t want to surrender all to the Lord, but you also don’t want to abandon Him.

Without God we are nothing, and as Christians,​ we are called to be separated from the world and the desires of this world, we are called to give everything to Him. Jesus is patient with us because He knows we are weak and that we can stray if we aren’t careful. His patience is there, waiting for us to reach the point of total surrender. Surrendering to Gods plan isn’t always easy, especially once you’ve had a taste of​ an independent life; it’s difficult to get back to the place where you’re fully dependant on the lord.

The ​Christian life is a life of joy and peace, so when you feel that joy disappearing and the peace starting to fade, it could just mean that your heart is searching elsewhere. It’s not the end of the world if it has, we all wonder, but I encourage you to remind yourself of your first love. The joy you feel when you are well with God can’t compare to any other kind of happiness. It can initially be scary to let go of the control of your life and allow God to lead the way, but somewhere there has to be a humility in you and a faith that the life you call your own is safer in God’s hands than it ever was in your own!

– BCC Young Adults