True Faith & Brokenness

In August, Peter and Jane McKenzie have been with the Church in Bournemouth, England for a few very special weeks. This time, the church has been greatly encouraged through Peter to keep their faith simple, alive, steadfast, and to always be expectant.

The Bournemouth Christian Church held two evening meetings where many people came and were blessed to hear the Word of God. Peter started by sharing on the importance of keeping our hearts well, open, and ready to receive God’s Word. He covered the different aspects of faith. The bible talks about the gift of faith, which a believer receives for specific situations or times but that to walk by faith is an attitude of heart. A Christian must walk and live by faith, with an attitude of thorough dependence and submission to the Lord. Faith is also having an expectant heart that the Lord will intervene in our lives according to His plan and His ways.

Peter encouraged the church to have faith for today because faith is what keeps us going. We need a faith that is alive and not religious. God wants to bring a pure faith, so when tests and trials come, we see the purpose and understand that there is a deeper work taking place. Only by allowing the work of the cross of Jesus Christ in our hearts and lives daily, we will be able to carry on, with an open heart that listens to the will of God. Peter’s heart for us was to make sure we are not living on past experiences and we do not allow them to take control over our lives. When Jesus died for us, He took all the pain, all the sufferings and sins. Therefore, our attitude as Christians should be defined by a permanent brokenness before the Lord which is spiritual, and not emotional.

Finally, Peter shared that the Lord is working us, that God has a plan and a purpose for our lives, therefore we must always rejoice and see things through the eyes of faith when we go through difficult times.

Listen to the messages:
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