Today, my life in the hand of the potter

After his trip to Eindhoven, Holland, brother Brian Watts spent 10 days with the church in Bournemouth.

He shared on the Sunday of his arrival and gave a 2 day seminar during the week sharing on the importance on letting go of our past & not worrying about our future – being good or bad things – in order to enjoy our life TODAY.
He emphasised on the Lord needing to be the potter and letting go of our lives like clay into His hands.
“If we could change our own lives, then Christ has died in vain!”
In the last meeting with Brian, he shared on waiting on the timing of the Lord in our lives, quoting Ecclesiastes 3:1. He then went on to challenge the church to firstly open our hearts to receive people coming to our church as the Lord opens doors in Europe, as well as to be ready to go out to different countries as the Lord opens doors!