When Jesus gave His life, He sacrificed everything; all of who He was, He laid it aside for us and for the will of the Father.
As Christians, Jesus takes us down the path of sacrifice so that we can have the same connection He had with His Father.
As you walk with Jesus you start to understand just how much Christ sacrificed for us. Slowly but surely the closer we get to God, the less our earthly possessions mean to us. All our baggage, what we have in our lives and the way we’ve been brought up in our traditions, cultures and habits need to be stripped away.
The Father wants you and only you. He doesn’t want you to bring what you’ve learnt from the world because the way the world operates is completely different to the way the Kingdom of God does. The world’s desires are not God’s desires and you cannot mix both.
It’s painful and no one likes it when God confronts your character or rebukes you when you have a bad attitude. It hurts when He takes things and people away from your life when you thought they were perfect for you.
Sometimes we feel like God handles us too harshly and we feel battered and bruised. It is in this moment when you find yourself staring at what you thought was yours being stripped away, that the sacrifice of Christ needs to come back into your heart.
We know that God does everything for a reason, we know He works with purpose and has a plan and we will never know beforehand what that plan is. The reason being, He wants you to let go of what YOU want from this world and connect with Him and His will. It is only in this place where you can really connect with the Father, the One who can give you everything when you feel you have nothing.
Young adults at BCC