The dangers of the flesh

We had a wonderful time last week with Jocelyn and his wife Claudie Sery visiting us. We had the privilege to come together for 2 mid-week seminars, a ladies’ and a men’s breakfast, as well as for our Sunday service and have been very challenged and encouraged as Jocelyn shared the Word of God with us!

Jocelyn shared on the following:

  • Not to resist the work of God in our lives, but to humble ourselves and allow God to set us free so we can serve Him in freedom and live for Jesus!
  • Not to put confidence in the flesh, nor to live in the flesh, but in the Spirit. Also, not to regard our born again brothers & sisters in the flesh (2 cor 5:14-17)
  • Allow God to renew our minds by the work of the Cross in us as we deny ourselves and pick up our cross to serve Jesus, to have the mind of Christ. To be carnally minded is DEATH = absence of life, separated from the life of God, when we feel we are dying spiritually and start losing the peace of God; instead we ought to be spiritually minded. (Romans 8:5-17, Romans 12:1-2, Ephesians 4:20-24)
  • Jesus died on the cross, and as believers, has set us free. We are not under the domination of the flesh! Jesus has overcome sin, we can overcome it! Not to sow in the flesh but in the Spirit! (Gal 6:7-10, Romans 8)

Watch the messages again:

First night:

Second night:

Sunday morning:

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