Stay the course

The church was filled with joy as we welcomed our dear brother Bruno from our partner church in Paris for a special weekend.

Though a short visit, it was another important building block that was brought to our church.

The Lord reminded us that His plan for our lives is to finish the race together, not to lose the vision, keeping Sound Doctrine. Bruno shared on having the desire to mature and become sons and daughters that no longer want to be fed with milk, but who are willing to accept the Lord’s word and chastisement because He loves us. Bruno also stressed the fact that we ought not to be ignorant of what type of road the Lord has called us to walk on; a road of joy and peace, but also one of tests and trials that will bring sanctification, purification and growth in our lives. He warned us about the other “wider and easier roads” that can take us away from the Will of God.

“There is only one road where Jesus can be found and we must strive to enter through the narrow gate and finish the race.”

The weekend ended with a wonderful CTMI fundraiser lunch. We thank the Lord for His servants that continue to give their lives for the building of His Church and we are truly blessed to hear the gospel as we do in the days we are living in.

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  1. Hi, how are you? I am Hee-jung Lee living in South Korea. I am going to visit my friend, Jane’s house who lives in Christchurch, Bournemouth on 13th of April, so I am looking for a church I go to regularly for roughly 5 months. While I am searching proper churches on the Internet, I found your church which looks GOOD to me

    I can’t wait to see you with a warm smile♡

    With my best wishes,
    H.J. Lee

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