Roland’s October Visit

3rd to 12th of October

Thursday meeting ‘We need to go into another gear’

There are two kingdoms and two camps: one is doing what we want (ca

rnal freedom), which leads us far from God as we become enslaved to our sin, the other is to become slaves to Christ in our hearts – in ‘chains of righteousness’, and brings true freedom in God.

In which kingdom are we living, and in what camp are we dwelling?

2 Corinthians 13.5 tells us to ‘Examine yoursel

ves’. We need to examine our lives and test our hearts. Are we still living in the faith of the Gospel?

It is not something we do in our own strength: God is with us, when we keep our eyes on him we will stay in the faith and he will strengthen us to detach ourselves from one kingdom and give us a determination to live in the other. God can free us from anything – by trust in him, there will be no fear.

Friday meeting ‘Consecrated to God in his kin


On Friday, Roland followed on from Thursday’s message to share on how we need to be separated from the first camp for sanctification: to bear the fruits of holiness – that is to live lives that bear witness to the truth of Christ in our hearts.

God is holy, so to serve him our lives need to be sanctified so we can serve him effectively. In today’s society, holiness is not imposed. God wants us to accept it willingly by responding to him in the right way each day, making a serious decision of the heart to seek God and his kingdom first.

The truth is that Jesus ‘did not come to bring peace, but a sword’ (Matthew 10: 34) – to separate us this way unto him. If we set ourselves apart by following Jesus and his

conditions rather than the worlds, we become free of ourselves.

Sunday meeting ‘The greater lives in us’

We were bought by God at a great price – we must live in this truth: that we are not our own anymore. We need to give him his legitimate place in our hearts and room to operate and have his way, which brings true freedom. If we stay in control he cannot reign in us – only the work of the cross in our hearts can stop our reign.

Many of us want to serve God, but step in the way as we try to serve in our own strength, and then feel lost and get discouraged. When the Holy Spirit takes over we become encouraged and begin to learn. To serve Jesus is to live in faith each day, as the law has been removed and the we now live in the new

regime of the Holy Spirit – that ‘we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit’ (Romans 7.6). When we get out of the old regime and  live this truth, we will rejoice!