Having a relationship and working with many other leaders and churches, we are blessed to have pastors from different countries visiting and sharing the gospel with us.

Enjoy reading some of the reports from those different visits :

My life in the hand of the potter
December  2016
Today, my life in the hand of the potter
Visit of Brian Watts from Botswana

Holland church visit – Brian & Dan
December  2016
Holland church visit
Brian Watts from Botswana & Dan visited the church in Holland.

Salvation, a miracle from God
September 2016
salvation a miracle from God
Visit of Basil & Kathy from South Africa

True faith & brokenness
August 2016
Visit of Brother Peter & his wife Jane from Mauritius

Getting ready, because we are running a race
July 2016
heart foundation righteous
Visit of Brother Stephen & his wife Beatrice from Kenya

UK International Youth Camp
July 2016
Youth Camp!

The heart, the foundation of the righteous
June 2016
heart foundation righteous
Visit of Brother Jocelyn & his wife Claudie from Reunion Island

Hearing & living the Gospel to bring the Church to maturity
March 2016
Visit of Brother Roland & his wife Veronique from Mauritius

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