Peter, Tim & Nick in Holland

A recent visit to Holland with Peter McKenzie, accompanied by Nick and Tim from BCC to visit Pastor Eric and the Church in Eindhoven
The start of an enriching weekend saw Peter share from Genesis 12:1, looking at Abraham’s life and seeing God initiate His plan, just as our salvation did not begin with us choosing God, but God choosing us.
“Sometimes we don’t understand the things that happen but we need to remember, God’s ways are not our ways.”
We always want God to show us the whole plan but we need to have the desire to be made a servant according to God’s plan and timing. We should submit our lives to the will of the Father to be used by Him, desiring our hearts to be moulded and knitted together, understanding that what we go through is for Gods purpose and the building of His Church.
Peter moved on to share on how God wants to prepare the Church as a righteous people. “It’s not about being a better person, it’s the process of God working in our lives to build His Church (1 Corinthians 2:9)”.
“Remember that we belong to Jesus and know He wants to build our lives for the glory of his kingdom – formed as new creations (Isaiah 43:1). God wants to form our lives, building and preparing us for His purpose”. Amen!
A wonderful and edifying time being with the Brothers and Sisters in Eindhoven, for God to continue speaking to our hearts building us, building His Church.