Peter McKenzie – Bournemouth Church Visit

Sunday 1
We were blessed to have Peter McKenzie on Sunday not only to share, but also to lead worship!
After a special time in the presence of the Lord, Peter shared on submitting to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
He shared on 3 distinct roles of the Holy Spirit in our lives:
• Works with us to bring us to salvation
• After the new birth, continues to guide us and is our helper & comforter
• Brings us to maturity in Christ by leading us & working in us
Peter encouraged us as a church to seek for the gifts the Spirit, and that the gateway for those gifts is for us to be baptised in the Holy Spirit & to speak/pray in tongues in our daily seeking of the Lord.
There was then an altar call for people to be prayed for, in order to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit or to be refreshed in speaking in tongues.
Sunday 2
It was a blessing to have had Peter McKenzie with us for yesterday’s service, leading worship and sharing with us on a very important topic: “You and your money”.
He shared on God being our sole provider for all of our needs, making the difference between the things we “need” & “want”.
Philippians 4:19
He warned the church not to be driven by materialism as the world is, but living simply, with generous hearts and giving according to what the Lord leads us to, for His Kingdom and people’s needs around us.
1Tim 6:6 – 10
To listen to the full message: