Paris Gathering of the Churches – November

We had the privilege to travel from the UK to Paris to be part of the gathering of Churches with Roland & Veronique who were ending their 3 month tour in Europe.  We had the joy of seeing our brothers & sisters from all over France, Norway, Belgium and Germany.
Our little group from the UK travelled by plane and car to be part of that special time.
Roland shared about the “suffering for the faith of Gospel”.
He made the difference between having faith for our daily needs (spiritual and natural) and the faith of standing and suffering for the truth of the Gospel.
He encouraged us to strengthen our faith in the work and the power of the Gospel in our lives to face the evil days and count it as a privilege to suffer for Christ.
1Timothy 1:18 – Fight the good fight
On Sunday he shared on the importance of preparing ourselves for the return of the Lord.
Matthew 25:1-13 – The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins
Revelations 3:14-22 – Rather be cold or Hot but not lukewarm
1Thessalonians 5:1 The Day of the Lord.