Oslo Church Visit

It was with great joy that Perry and Dan were able to accompany and support brother Roland and Vero to Oslo, Norway on this leg of their European Mission.
They were welcomed by Pastor Aloise and his wonderful wife Emma and family. It was amazing to see how the Lord, in his time, opened this door and enabled us to have access to share, to fellowship and testify of the grace and work of God.

The theme of the conference was “Back to the Simplicity and Power of the Gospel”. Brother Roland wasted no time in powerfully sharing how may Christians were satisfied and content to walk with Jesus on a parallel road and in so doing remain immature children in their Christian walk. He went on to clarify that the revelation of Jesus Christ and Him crucified needs to return to the Church at large and that it’s only in following in the very steps of Jesus and identifying with Him that a Christian will grow and become a mature, established and life giving believer (disciple).

It was wonderful to see how the gospel shook the fabric and foundation of Pastor Aloise and many others in the Church. When revelation comes and the eyes of Church leaders are opened, the next thing that usually follows is a barrage of questions – and there was no exception here. We spent the next few days and nights sharing and answering questions with joy at what the Lord was revealing and bringing in hearts.

Perry was also given the opportunity to share on Sunday morning and encourage the people of God to recognise and to respond to His call and to the visitation of the Lord. Dan briefly shared part of his life and testimony which was well received by the people who were there.

Great times of fellowship and getting to know each other were had in between meetings. It was such a joy to also hear testimonies of how the Lord has intervened, worked and set many free from different circumstances and situations. One sister shared how she had made a long list of all the things she wanted to change in her husband..she brought her “prayer list” before the Lord and to her shock and surprise the Holy Spirit showed her that she was the one who needed to humble herself and change…When she accepted, and changed her attitude towards her husband and put her eyes on Jesus, everything changed – she was amazed to see how every item on her list no longer, bothered, niggled and annoyed her. Praise God!

We want to stand in faith with, support, and be an encouragement to this Pastor and his family, the other leaders and pastors, and the people of God who live in Oslo..