As we conduct our lives in a self-centred and entitled World, we may struggle to understand how this statement can be true. If we look around, everyone seems so happy and joyful to receive, either gifts, attention or time. But today, the truth we are uncovering talks about a much greater joy that arises in our hearts when we give. By giving we may become naturally poorer, but there is a joy that overflows in our hearts. As we open our eyes and stretch our hands to see the needs around us, we realise that having much won’t bring us happiness. On the contrar, being rich is not about how much we have, but about how much we give. 

Let’s dig a little deeper, why are we then happier and more joyful when we give and live selflessly? By doing so, we do not only obey God’s command and demonstrate God’s heart, as He is the giver of every good and perfect gift (James 1:17), but we follow the ultimate example of Christ, by illustrating God’s salvation. At the heart of the gospel is sacrificial self-giving, as Jesus did not simply give of His overflowing natural possessions or talents, but He offered himself as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins. Knowing that we are now clean, pure and sanctified in the eyes of our Heavenly father, won’t we aim to follow in His footsteps? 

The Bible also says that “Every good thing we have comes from God”. And so, when we give to others the blessings which God originally gave us, we become God’s channels of blessing to those in around us. In this way, we give all the honour and praise to God. 

We hope that today, you will give a little more! 


Young adults at BCC