Hearing & living the Gospel to bring the Church to maturity

On the 25th of March Brother Roland and his wife Veronique, arrived to a sunny England, where they were to lead numerous meetings.

The first meeting was a couples meeting where Roland spoke about the foundation of the gospel that brings unity in a marriage, in order to deal effectively and in the right spirit concerning finances and raising children. Veronique spoke on other practical issues, especially on communication within a marriage.

In the evening meeting, Roland taught on the difference between listening to and hearing the Gospel. Listening only brings knowledge, but hearing with ears of the heart will help us to accept the Gospel and have faith to live it.

On Sunday Brother Roland urged the Church that it’s high time to take heed and be part of the vision of the Gospel as revealed through the apostolic anointing.

We had 2 nights of seminar before Brother Roland left for Norway. He shared the first night on the necessity of being begotten in the gospel and the second night on the results and the fruits of being begotten.

The church in Bournemouth has been blessed by the visit of our dear brother & sister and we know this has been another stone in the Lords construction of our lives!

Listen to Roland’s messages on SoundCloud.