Family Camp – France

On early Thursday morning the team from Bournemouth Christian Church set out on a road trip – cars packed with suitcases, sandwiches, drinks, crisps & coffee! There was a 10 hour trip ahead of us, part of it on a train under the ocean, to Le Mans in France for the CTMI European regional family camp! Everyone was eager to get there and looking forward to an amazing time together with our brothers and sisters.

There were 6 meetings & 3 workshops that were held on camp, with Jocelyn Sery sharing on ‘The law of Christ, the perfect law of liberty’. The preaching and teaching was powerful, and we were all very blessed and challenged by what the Lord was equipping us with.

There were also amazing times of fellowship with everyone – whether it was playing games together, or around a lovely meal.

What a special time together, and we look forward to next year!

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