As a Christian, how do you feel when you see someone in the streets proclaiming the name of Jesus? Do you feel a stirring in your heart to join them? Or do you feel shy and walk the other way? Perhaps you worry that what you say will sound silly? Or could it be fear of not knowing enough to share?

As christians we are all called to evangelise. We’re not all evangelists but we’ve been given a gift worth sharing and you don’t need fancy words to spread the news.

If you’re scared that your knowledge of the bible isn’t good enough to withstand the questions about your faith, the endless debate of the existence of God, or the usual ‘if God is so good then why does he allow bad things to happen’ question, then let me encourage you a little. This is one thing that no one can challenge you on and that’s your testimony.

Do you remember the day Jesus touched your heart? The time you felt a warm presence that took your fear away and filled you with peace? That moment where you first experienced unconditional love? It was also the first time you felt joy, a deep joy that rooted itself in your heart and took away the burdens of your problems. You may still have your problems in life but you knew that Jesus was in control.

Telling people that story of your first encounter with Jesus is the best place to start because no one can tell you that you didn’t feel what you clearly know you felt. After that? You can share the life of Christ and how He gave His life for others. Don’t let fear or insecurities stop you from sharing about the Lord, people will be touched more by something simple and real rather than fancy words that you hope sound more convincing.

Marilyn  Evangelou