CTMI European Youth Camp 2017!

Over the weekend of the 7-10 of July, around seventy young people from England, France, South Africa, Romania, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Reunion Island came together in the UK for the CTMI European Youth Camp.

With the theme of ‘Answering The Call’, every moment was something very special. Through the team times, games, free time, and meals we all got to know one another and build relationships, despite coming from all over the globe.

We had Peter McKenzie join us and he led the meetings sharing on:
– What it truly means to be born again with total surrender, trusting God with our lives
– Freedom; freedom from the world and its tendencies and expectations, but also freedom from our own minds and past experiences and anything else that blocks us from hearing God and answering His call.
– Our attitude in submission – whether to parents or others whom God places in authority over us. When we submit as unto the Lord, it is God who lifts us up!
Peter also led a workshop on how to use social media for the right reasons and the importance of it. We were reminded how huge social media is in today’s society and that it can be a powerful tool – either for the enemy, or otherwise to share the Gospel and what we stand for, glorifying the Lord and making Him known rather than the focus being on ourselves and making ourselves ‘known’.

The messages were powerful and really challenged us. God’s presence was evident in our midst as many young people were born again, but also how He began to heal and restore many broken hearts and lives… the fire in our hearts was rekindled.
We believe that for many of us, this camp was full of moments that we will not forget and that this was the beginning of an amazing life journey with Christ.