Cold Hands, Warm Hearts!

Church Visit | Ringwood, UK | 19 – 23 August 2015 | Roland La Hausse

The CTMI partner church in Ringwood, England was excited to welcome Roland and Veronique La Hausse, for a cold and rainy 5-day seminar!

Our faithful group of 20-30 brothers and sisters gathered nightly, together with a handful of visitors: Anne Sophie and Dane joined us from France, and Audrey, Anna and Jessica from London.

Roland’s started off the seminar with a message about law and the power of the Gospel: “We have come out from the reign of the spirit of law, which brings death, and are now under the spirit of grace and freedom, which bring life. We are called to carry this life to the Church and to the unsaved.” Listen to the message: Foundation of Law and Grace

During the following 2 evenings, Roland shared on Law and Grace in Relationships followed by Emotional and Spiritual Relationships in the Church.

On Saturday morning, he continued on the order of God in marriage and the importance of husband and wife taking their rightful place. During the second session, Roland had a time with the men, encouraging them regarding their responsibility. Veronique shared with the ladies about the obstacles to unity in the marriage and in the church, giving examples from her own life. She encouraged the ladies to allow God to bring down the walls have been built as a form of “protection” and to allow God to heal and restore our lives so we can serve Him in true freedom.

Roland’s next message was about the building of the church and our place in it (The Church, the Family of God, is a Miracle). Roland explained that in the same way materials on a building site are not yet a building, a group of Christians gathered together in one place are not necessarily united in the spirit. We are not called to live independently of the Church. Just as a building is made of bricks cemented together, the work of the Holy Spirit through the different ministries come to cement us, the ‘bricks’, together.

Each evening many brothers and sisters went forward to be prayed for, desiring to be set free and to receive direction from the Lord for their lives.

During the Sunday service that ended the seminar, Brother Perry thanked the Lord for Keegan and Liezl and the blessing they have been to the Ringwood church, as they leave to be part of the church in Florida. Roland and Perry then officially introduced Dan, Nini and Seb, who will be serving with the team in Ringwood. We finished the day with a lunch at the church and all enjoyed delicious homemade pasta and desserts!

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