Church Visit Honduras – Dan Malan

Dan Malan – April 2023

Around 3 years ago, a young lady named Sofia left her home country of Honduras for the first time to come study in Bournemouth. Her father, José, who is a pastor, and her mother wanted her to be connected to a church while she was here, and so got in touch with ours. She subsequently ended up staying at Dan’s & Nini’s home, got involved and really built wonderful relationships within the church.
After her studies, Sofia left to go back home to Honduras, but the relationship continued, with Pastor José and the family staying in touch.
Now, over 3 years later, José invited Dan & his family to come visit, and at the same time for Dan to minister at their church and others that he was in touch with.
Dan, after sharing with the broader body of elders within the CTMI team, was grateful to then have Keegan ‘O Connell Jones from Grace Fellowship church in Sarasota, Florida to join for this mission.
The 2-week trip was very special, both in El Salvador & Honduras, having time with a few different churches, and around 15 pastors that came to a breakfast as well as a full day conference that was organised.
The messages that were shared in the meetings were very well received, and there were some great times of fellowship and relationship building.
We are so grateful to the Lord for this time, and to see how the Lord is building us together as His people, from many nations and tongues, amen!