Church Visit Dublin – Dan Malan

Dan & Nini went to visit the Christian Assembly Church in Dublin on Thursday 25th March.
Dan’s theme for the weekend was “ Our victory in Christ”.
He started Friday night by sharing on why many Christians live in defeat, and the reasons why we could struggle in our Christian life, focusing mainly on a religious attitude, unforgiveness, and a love for the world (Matt 18:21-25/James 4:1-6/Psalm 73:1-3 & 12-17). Christ has won the victory through his death on the cross and resurrection, and we certainly share in His victory when we are born again, but many of these things can take our eyes off Him and all He has called us to.
On Saturday we were blessed to visit the Tiglin Men’s Centre, a Christian Rehab that the church helps & supports. After a morning run that had been organised, we grabbed a cup of tea with the residents, listened to their stories, and had some great discussions about the Lord.
On Sunday morning Dan continued with the theme, sharing on how to walk in victory. The key is found in what Jesus said, ‘For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it’ (Matt 16:25). We can’t expect resurrection life, without death taking place first! As we deny ourselves, our own desires, and follow Christ, we are sowing in the spirit, and will receive victory in the spirit.
On Sunday night Dan shared on the fruits of victory, looking at the fruits we see in Gal 5:22-23. There was then a focus on relationships, emphasising how the Lord is wanting to build us together as His body, the Church. Through giving our lives for one another and esteeming others better than ourselves (Phil 2:3), those fruits will be formed in us, as well as benefitting from the fruits in one other’s lives.
We thank the Lord for this time and also Pastor Billy & Pastor Gareth for their hearts and welcome in the church.