Church visit Bournemouth – Stephen Gachengo

Mission trip date: 03/02/2023 – 05/02/2023

Friday night – 03/02/23

Watch and pray!

We have received a warning from the Lord to wake us up from our sleep! We must be serious in our walk with the Lord. If we fall asleep spiritually, the enemy will come and plant an evil seed (Matthew 13:24).

We must be determined and disciplined in our prayer life in order to strengthen ourselves in the Lord. “Be serious and watchful, for the enemy is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”


Saturday morning – 04/02/23

About 20 brothers met over an English breakfast, where Stephen shared a very clear and challenging message.


Saturday evening – (04/02/23)

Watch out!!!

We continued on the theme of our need to be awake in the Spirit. Stephen began by reading in the book of Acts 20:28. Paul had prophesied what we are seeing today in the Church.

Be careful, be careful! The danger to the Church today is not only the devil, but the danger comes from those who distort the Word of God by coming to deny and distort the truth.

God warns us – he is coming back soon!

Man’s wisdom renders the Gospel of no effect. It makes it lose its value and dilutes it.


Sunday Morning – 05/02/23

Being begotten does not only mean being a member of the church, but much more, it means becoming a son in the house of God. 

We become sons when we accept the message of the cross and its work in our lives, it gives us a sense of belonging and accountability in the church. 

We must have a desire to be begotten in the Gospel, to carry the life of Christ.

The four meetings were very clear, encouraging, and at the right time for the church. The Lord spoke to many brothers and sisters who responded to the Lord’s call to commit their lives to His service.

The meetings were full, with a maximum of 115 people on Sunday morning.