Building the church with our lives and hearts

The church was very enthusiastic about having Peter and Jane for about 4 weeks, and specially to have them for the moving of the church from Ringwood to Winton, Bournemouth.

We were blessed to have Peter share during our Sunday services, a special combined home group and for a 2 night seminar in Bournemouth and 1 night seminar in Redhill, Surrey.

He first encouraged the church to be aware of religion that can come subtly into our hearts and lives, making us lukewarm, faithless and insensitive to the Holy Spirit. The danger of being religious is not only losing the heart of Christ for the church and the world, but also stopping us from living the reality of the Gospel!

Peter shared on the conviction of the cause we have and the reason why God has called us to serve Him in the country, the church and the family we are in.

He continued in the same direction during the seminars in Bournemouth, sharing on understanding and seeing that God is the one building our lives His way. He also encouraged the church on the importance of “having a willingness in our heart to what God wants to do without doubt, fear, reservation, rebellion or sense of loss, but knowing that He will not fail us but that He will rather accomplish what he has started.” (1 Corinthians 3:9)

He also shared on “being built together” as a church in God’s way.
He stressed on the importance of being aware of not trying to do things to build the church in the way we see things – which can sometimes be done with the right heart – but rather to seek the Lord to know how He wants us to build His church the way He wants.

He ended up on challenging the church to do everything we do in our service for the Lord, whether it be in the church or out the church, with all of our heart. This can only be possible when we carry the heart of Christ, in a relationship with Him.

The church in England has been more than blessed to have had this special time with Peter & Jane, and we can feel the Lord adding another brick to our lives and the building of His church.

Listen to Peter’s messages on SoundCloud.

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