Roland Lahausse – Bournemouth Church Visit

We were blessed to have Pastor Roland Lahausse & his wife Veronique at BCC this past week, who were last in England in 2018! It was a joy for the church to see them again & for the people who have joined us in the past 5 years, to meet them & get to know them.
Couples meeting
We were very blessed to have Roland share specifically to the couples, a deeply encouraging and challenging message followed by a time of prayer and ministry.
On Thursday we had a ladies meeting with a group of about 40 ladies.
Veronique shared on the importance of abiding in the Lord by spending time in the Word, in prayer but also in relationship with one another and the elders, for us ladies, to grow in maturity.
On Friday night, Roland took a couples meeting with an encouraging and challenging message followed by a time of prayer and ministry.
On Saturday evening, the message went deeper as each was challenged to allow the Lord to lead us further in a life of submission by following Jesus instead of being independent and living on our own terms. After the meeting the team of elders and responsible met for a time of fellowship and encouragement.
On Sunday morning, Roland shared on the necessity to get rid of our useless burdens so we can take on the burden and yoke of Jesus to respond to His call and take our place. At the end of the meeting, the brothers and sisters were praying and encouraging each other, and it was wonderful to see the body of Christ edifying itself.
Pastor Billie joined us for this weekend of meetings from Ireland along with Jessy & Jan from the Dublin Church and two sisters who drove from Wales.
We were also pleased to have Pastor Jonathan from London joining us for the Saturday meeting.
We are grateful to the Lord for His work in many lives throughout this past week.
Praise God for all He has done & will do