Bournemouth Church Visit – Philippe de Beer

Comfort in Suffering
We were blessed to have Brother Philippe de Beer, from Mauritius, sharing the gospel with us.
Philippe shared From 2Cor.1:3-7 where we read about the comfort we receive when going through trials and suffering, experiencing the grace of God and the work of the cross in us, and then in turn, we receive the life of Christ, and become a comfort for others.
Philippe reminded us that we have the gift of the Holy Spirit to be our comforter. John.14:16-18
We heard that there are two types of suffering, the good and bad. The bad being a consequence of disobedience, the good being our identification with Jesus, accepting His work in us, seeing what is taking place in the Spirit and not in the natural. In hard times, Jesus is equipping us.
The work produces perseverance, character and hope!
Those things that are invisible are for eternity!
2 Cor.4:8-10 / Jam.1:2-4 / Rom.5:3-5