Peter McKenzie – Bournemouth Church Visit

We Are God’s Construction
We were blessed to have our dear brother Peter McKenzie – from South Africa – visiting the church and sharing the Word of God with us yesterday.
We invite you to listen to this very encouraging message :
The construction of the Church
We were blessed to have Peter McKenzie share with the church this weekend.We heard how God wants to build the church. He wants to build our lives to construct us, but we need to be willing to submit to what God wants and not our own ideas.
We learnt how easy it is for us to wear veils of religion, fear and pride. We hind behind these as barriers. The Lord wants to set us to come to a place where w are no longer hidden, allowing the light of the gospel to expose the state and intent of our heart.
We do no often see the hand of God at work and will often resist. We were encouraged to submit just as Jesus did, “Not my will, but Your will be done”. “Who for the joy set before Him, endured the cross”.
We have to choose what we value. What do we see before us? What do we run for?