Bournemouth church visit – Peter & Jane McKenzie

After 2 long years of Covid impacting the world, we were blessed to have Pastor Peter McKenzie visiting the church in Bournemouth again. Here are some links to the Sunday meetings he took during his stay:

26 January 2022

God’s forgiveness through Christ is complete. Let us walk in the forgiveness of God by faith and in repentance. May the forgiveness of God become a reality to us! If God forgives and forgets – who are we to remember our own past sin or otherwise the offences & hurts someone else may cause us, and live with unforgiveness in our hearts?

3rd Feb 2022

The forgiveness of God is a miracle. As we have faith in what Christ accomplished for us on the cross and as God gives us a deeper revelation of what His forgiveness means in our lives, we will experience freedom in our hearts and in our relationships!

16 Feb 2022

Don’t draw back, draw closer!

Wonderful time with pastor Peter McKenzie for the past couple of weeks! You can find all the recordings on our YouTube page!