Bournemouth Church Visit – Eric Rufyiritana


We were very blessed to have Pastor Eric Rufyiritana share the gospel with us. He read from John.17:17-19 & shared on our sanctification coming from the Word of God. We read about the armour of God in EPH.6:13, where we see the Lord has already provided us with all we need to withstand in the evil days to come, we will need withstand by His living Word.   It’s is the revealed word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and not the intellect. 

Rom. 11:8 we read that when we neglect the Word of God, it is like being in a coma.  The Lord is calling us to be alert in the Spirit!


Eric continued to challenge the church in the same direction as yesterday.  Eric opened by saying that when we are rooted in the Word of God, we will stand firm in the times to come.   When Jesus comes to our heart, He brings His work.  We read from Luke 18:18-28 where Jesus talks to the rich young ruler, a young man coming with a motivation in his heart, not understanding what Jesus saw and asked of him : to deny himself and follow Jesus.  He was holding on to the very thing that stopped him from serving Jesus.  We cannot hold on to the things we identify ourselves too.  We were challenged to ask with what attitude of heart we listen to the Word of God?  When what we hear challenges us and is hard to swallow, it’s the very thing the Lord wants to do in our heart.   We read the story of Nicodemus in John 3: 1 –  Jesus was speaking a new language that Nicodemus couldn’t understand because he listened with the ears of the law.  We need to be born again of the Spirit to understand the things of the Spirit.  Reading from Mark.10:46 – 52 we saw a completely different state of heart.  Blind Bartimaeus brought a heart desperate for Jesus.  Leaving behind his possessions, he made his way to Jesus in a heart of trust and expectation, humbling asking for his sight.  He ‘immediately received his sight and followed Jesus’.    This is the heart Jesus is looking for.