Summer church visit – Peter McKenzie

We’ve had the pleasure of having our brother Peter McKenzie and his wife Jane with us since the end of June. It has been a great time of investment in each of our lives through the power of God’s Word and the ministry of His Spirit.

Peter first came to share at the European CTMI Youth Camp at Marwell. It was a wonderful and powerful time with the youth. Read the Youth Camp post.

We also had him for seminars as well as Sunday morning meetings. In those meetings Peter shared on the following different topics :

  • Our lives & the Holy Spirit – having, and constantly desiring that real and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, staying connected and sensitive to the Spirit
  • He described the Tabernacle in the Old Testament, showing the different rooms and related it to 3 different types of christians.
    • The first room, “entering the Gates” (Outer Court), is where we constantly go in and ask God for forgiveness, then go out and do something wrong, come back again to ask forgiveness and go again. In this room there is no growth nor real relationship with the Lord
    • The second room (Holy place) is where the christian has a head knowledge of the Word of God but not a deeper relationship in freedom with Jesus.
    • The third room (Holiest of Holies) is the one where the presence of God is. Jesus tore the veil so we could enter freely and be in constant relationship with God.
      Seek the Lord
      Living the Rich life

Listen here to all those messages on Soundcloud!

Peter also shared in a Men’s breakfast where he encouraged the brothers from Col 3:12-17 to forgive one another, serve in unity in order for the Holy Spirit to work through us to reach others.

On the other hand, Jane encouraged the ladies at the Ladies’ dinner to be sensitive towards the prompting of the Spirit, caring and loving with those around us.

Overall, it has been an incredible time and the Lord brought a greater seriousness in our hearts, as we are being built and prepared for the things that are to come for our lives and the Church.